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Draught Works' Blood Orange Gose: a burst of summer sour in a can



What you're drinking: If you're unfamiliar with the sour ales that Draught Works has been cranking out, it's about time you tried one. Last month, the brewery rolled out its fourth canned brew, a tart little number called Blood Orange Gose. It's bubbly, yeasty, a touch fruity. Think of it as craft beer's answer to champagne. Only unlike champagne, the gose is free of bland pretension and is at home in almost any environment. Given all the nuptials I'm attending this summer, I wish all toasts tasted this good.

Wait, what's a "gose"? Gose is one of those German beer styles that's been around the block a few times, having first been brewed in the hamlet of Goslar in the 16th century. It's made with malted wheat, and since its debut in America's craft beer scene a few years back it's been pronounced a bunch of different ways (the correct way is "goes-uh," you philistines). The online media outlet Thrillist tried to make the claim in February 2015 that gose's re-emergence signaled the death of craft beer, comparing the style to a B-side or an Icelandic tone poem "prized for its rarity." Well, it's been more than two years since that denouncement, and now you can get a four-pack of canned gose at a Missoula gas station. I don't think you can call that a novelty.

  • photo by Parker Seibold

Where to drink it: It's hot out, and you shouldn't take glass bottles on the rivers (in fact, glass is illegal on the Blackfoot). Draught Works' gose comes in aluminum and, at 5.4 percent alcohol by volume, you'll probably get sunburned before you get drunk. Or, I don't know, just sit on your deck and swig. Also, voice of experience here: It goes great with curry.

Where to get it: I picked up a four-pack at Orange Street Food Farm for $7 and change, and they were well stocked earlier this week. Keep your eyes open around town.

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