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Dirty Technology


The onslaught of commercial rap often overpowers edgier hip hop, but Missoula MC Acher is doing his best to keep the spark of this underground poetic form alive. True to his genre’s form, Acher produced his first solo album independently and recently released his second, Dirty Technology, under local production by Exigh/Deuce-V.

While “Blessed” unfolds with a more sleek, pop-like intro, the song’s lyrics expose Acher’s refreshing outlook on life when he states, “I’m blessed, I got my health and my happiness, a nice place to go…I got people in my life that remind me it ain’t all doom and gloom—my mom, baby sis…”

Broadened by his overseas encounters, the Navy veteran incorporates his cultural knowledge into rhyme. “There Won’t Be Blood” illustrates Acher’s perspective on the current state of world poverty and U.S. government corruption and its cyclical connection to war. “Head First” invokes an increasingly popular notion that, “There will be blood until this fuckin’ country changes its mind, ’til we stop killin’ children, women—it’s the same design.”

While the artist’s political rhymes may be lacking some of the catchy beats of fellow MCs, the album’s poignant message shines through in his lyrical craft. (Megan McLean)

Acher plays an album release show at The Other Side Friday, Aug. 29, at 9 PM with Exigh and Conceit. $10.

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