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Ah Holly Fam’ly



Ah Holly Fam’ly’s Reservoir is playing, and I couldn’t be cozier. It’s on CD, but I could mistake it for a record left out in the sun: The voices and instruments lag and swell. It’s got a warm feeling, like blood circulating. It must be about sunset but it’s been gray all day, and the crows in the field across the street are joyriding the gusts of rainy wind. I’ve got a blanket over my lap and let’s just pretend I have cocoa because I should have cocoa. Listening to this album is like listening to those recordings of babies’ hearts beating in the womb, or like taking some especially 1960s-style drugs. It’s sweet, it’s comfortable, it’s kinda strange and it’s very good.

This band makes me happier than ever about the let’s-play-a-whole-ton-of-instruments craze that just swept indie rock. You want strings? You want woodwinds? Was that a xylophone? I don’t know, but I do know that the male vocalist does a very good impression of Belle and Sebastian’s Stuart Murdoch, and I seem to hear my favorite folkie Alela Diane somewhere in the women’s section. Is that you Alela Diane? Are you playing the xylophone?

Ah Holly Fam’ly plays the Badlander Friday, Sept. 24, at 9 PM for the KBGA Birthday Bash. $7/$5 advance at UM’s KBGA office.

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