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March to the Sea



AIDS Wolf's newest record reminds me of the first time I heard John Coltrane's free jazz album Ascension. It's all over the place, in your face, and sounds like a cacophonous racket. I can appreciate that for the most part, but, much like Ascension, it's not something I can listen to often.

The Montreal-based noise rock band goes for the jugular with squawking guitar notes that jump around with disjointed, wild abandon, and mammoth drumbeats that seem to change time signatures instantaneously. Vocalist Chloe Lum doesn't so much sing as wail and shriek. The collision of instrumentation and vocals is quite disorienting, and requires a high tolerance for dissonance, which I thankfully have.


Tunes like "Cake on August 1" and "Catholic For Rent" remind me of Lightning Bolt, but with less of a steady groove and more insanity. "Family Romance" features discernable riffs that turn crazy within a matter of moments, while Lum's demonic vocals come to the forefront on opener "Teaching to Suffer."

It's a difficult record to get into, simply because it's pretty chaotic. But a willingness to endure the wildness will prove this band is in an atonal league of its own.

AIDS Wolf plays the Zootown Arts Community Center Monday, Oct. 11, at 8 PM, with locals Fag Rag, Live Lady Meat Fuck and Parakeet City. $5.


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