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International Playboys hit silver screen


Billed as “a rock and roll nightmare of epic proportions,” The International Playboys’ first movie: Ghouls Gone Wild! premieres this week at the Crystal Theater.

The whole idea, says writer/director Ted Geoghegan, came from wanting to do a local movie with a musical aspect that would take the form of an extended music video. Originally he had Volumen in mind, but that idea fell through—not because he doesn’t love their music, he explains, but because he struck up a friendship with Chris “The Count” Knudson, Playboys’ guitar player and the movie’s eventual executive producer.

“Both Ted and I started more professionally than we figured,” admits producer and editor Chad Jones. “The Playboys are not actors, they’re musicians.” Geoghegan and Jones both had long shot lists that they eventually “wadded up” and threw away all of 14 minutes into the first day of shooting, choosing instead to leave the camera rolling almost the entire time. What transpired was a lot of hilarious footage of the Playboys just being, well, the Playboys. The filmmakers confess that some scenes took up to 30 minutes to shoot because they were all laughing so hard.

The film, which features many homages to classic horror movies, deals with the Playboys taking an “ill-fated” wrong turn on their way to L.A. and ending up in Garnet ghost town, where a throng of sexy, ghoulish women and an evil sheriff are mysteriously awaiting their arrival. Dialogue is kept to a minimum—just enough to keep the comedic plot moving forward; the rest of the movie is strung together from video-style montages of several Playboys songs, incorporating both live action and live performances.

The entire soundtrack for the film was to be mined from the Playboys’ First Album, released in 2003. However, as Ghouls Gone Wild! took more than a year to complete, the filmmakers also included songs from the band’s second album, Sexiful. Geoghegan and Jones are already talking about the inevitable sequel, a Playboys-Volumen coupling tentatively titled First Sequel: Band of the Lost, which would be an “alien movie.”

Filmmakers Ted Geoghegan and Chad Jones will host the premiere of Ghouls Gone Wild! on Thursday, Oct. 28, at 9 PM at The Crystal Theatre. There will be a costume party beforehand (8 PM) and a live International Playboys performance at 10. Admission is $5.


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