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Amanda Cevallos

Chase the Rain


There’s no denying Amanda Cevallos has an element of magic on her side. We’ve all winced at the emotional squelch between life’s channels. But turning that grating fuzz into something melodic requires a delicate touch, an attention to detail many singer/songwriters lack.

Chase the Rain outlines love’s short and sweet dystopia with five ballads—every one of which you feel you could have written after some distant breakup. Cevallos plays at the lonely blue heart with muddle-through mentality, her vocals falling somewhere between Linda Ronstadt and Brandi Carlile. She’s a jaded vixen with a guitar and a voice and the stones to use both.

It’s the details punctuating Chase the Rain that steer it from the world of all-too-forgettable “love sucks” albums. Cevallos’ lyrics suggest she takes life less seriously than her themes would lead listeners to believe. She remains always open about herself. “I never win anything/I’m always losing my keys/I get away with nothing/It’s what to know about me.” And Shmed Maynes’ fingerprints are all over the album, enhancing Cevallos’ compositions with similarly subdued strings and keyboard. Chase the Rain straddles the line between upbeat and downtrodden, finding the good in the bad. (Alex Sakariassen)

Amanda Cevallos plays one CD release show at Lake Missoula Cellars at 7:30 PM and another at the Badlander at 10 PM both Wednesday, March 4. $5 each show.

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