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Steel yourself for this week’s Irish invasion!


Like Christmas in July, St. Patrick’s Day arrives early this year. Or late, depending how you look at it. Two great Irish bands (in style, if not nationality) are coming to town this week. The corned beef and cabbage, alas, might be a BYOB scene.

First up: The Kissers, a Madison, Wisc.-based seven-piece who sound like a punk band that drifted into Irish music by way of Oi! music. At press time, we were unable to determine whether the band’s name is a sly reference to the Pogues (“Pogue mahone,” of course, being Gaelic for “Kiss my ass”), but they’ve certainly got the same take-no-prisoners attitude: Their cover of “Wild Rover,” with its fuzzed-out bass and heavy floor-tom action, packs quite a punch, and the breakneck original “Scum of America” will keep you stage-diving off the davenport long after the show is over. Both tracks are available on the newest Kissers release, Fire in the Belly; the name pretty much says it all.

The Kissers play The Other Side on Tuesday, Oct. 19, at 10 PM.

Portland, Ore.’s Amadan, on the other hand, hew a wee bit closer to the traditional side of things, but they’ve beefed up the instrumentation for their second album, Hell-Bent 4 Victory, with full drum kit, banjo and accordion. They love to have a good time with the crowd, too: At a recent benefit gig in Corvallis, the crowd saluted one of “smooth and creamy” bassist Kevin Pardew’s meditative solos not with cigarette lighters, but with the lights from their cell phones. How classy. How very modern. How very Amadan!

Amadan ring in the Great Guinness Toast ’04 on Thursday, Oct. 21, at Sean Kelly’s.


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