The sludgy doom metal Aseethe spews feels like the worst-case scenario for the end of the worldand I mean that in the most complimentary way possible. The Iowa City band's most recent album, Reverent Burden, offers what appears to be only two songs at a combined 12 minutes long, but, man, do they make use of every second. Growling vocals rage like a fire that's been burning since ancient times, combined with brutal chords and cymbal. This is the music you listen to as you forge weapons for one final battle.

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If you love this album, then you'll love Aseethe's others just as much. "Black Heart," from their split with brethren metal band Shores of the Tundra, is a churning, lonely tune. Its hammering chords and funereal lumbering depict a dusky landscape in transition. When it slows, a hint of sparkling keyboards evokes a hopeful ray of light before the gloomy riffs return to dash it all away. "Ill Omen" (a song off their 7" split with Mauul) confirms the story this band is spinning. The smoldering pace and electronic static evoke the ocean, while wistful keyboard feels like the death of one world and the birth of some unknown other.

Aseethe plays the Badlander Monday, March 19, at 9 PM with Throne of Lies and Swamp Ritual. Free.


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