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Butter Knife


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Audacity's latest album comes in two flavors: short and snappy, and shorter and snappier. This Southern California garage-punk band originated in the early 2000s, when the members were in ninth grade. Ten years later, their musicianship is solid and their immature glee tireless. The band doesn't mess with the rock and/or roll formula very much; the downside is that Butter Knife doesn't make for a very intellectually stimulating listen. Nor do the songs have much emotional heft; the final track, "Autumn," tries to be a cute little lovelorn ode, but comes off as treacle. This is to be expected from an album with cover art that's a vibrantly rendered reference to Goatse, the stretched-anus internet meme.

Chug a Mountain Dew (or whatever beverage puts you in a more teenage state of mind) though, and Butter Knife reveals itself in a different light, as a solidly played dose of punk rock, with infectious riffs and just the right amount of fidelity on the production. You'll be playing air guitar before you even realize it.

Audacity plays the ZACC Sat., Dec. 7, at 8 PM with Whoopass Girls, Armaund Hammer and My Two Dads. $6.


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