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Bacon & Egg

All In One Basket



Mom says to start the day with a healthy breakfast. If you're lacking the federally mandated allowance of rock 'n' roll vitamins such as soaring vocals, noodling guitars and choruses extolling the virtues of rocking, then a 13-track serving of Bacon & Egg awaits, piping hot.

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Excess is a grand thing in rock, but only when in service to the song (Sorry, Yngwie). These are well crafted and surprising: B&E's vocal sound reminds one of Faith No More's Mike Patton, with a similar, anything-goes approach. "Prepared to Rock" puts pantywaist wannabes on notice. B&E fly ad astra on Bacon's cherubic wail, while Egg spitfires talk-singing and Marty Friedman-approved hot licks. This is much more than a pair of dudes in cucumber-stuffed leather trousers: "World of Mystery" has a hook sharp enough to snag the most peevish rockers, and Bacon's vocal on "B.C.E." is meant to spook, and does. "Lord of the Jam," the bastard son of Fishbone and Rob Halford, marks this basket of tunes as the one that can lead us out of the desert of modern rock.

Bacon & Egg perform a CD-release show at the Palace with locals Total Combined Weight and Spirit Hole on Sat., March 3, at 9 PM. $5.


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