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Hot Sauce Committee Part Two



Like a lot of people, I can tell you my life story via Beastie Boys albums. But I won't do that to you in print (pass me a brass monkey the morning of a Griz game and I'll fill you in). Like it or not, these oldsters are still kicking it, ignoring popular trends and doing what they do best: being the B-Boys.


I know many couldn't care less. Yes, there are more talented rappers out there, but there isn't a more groundbreaking, influential crew putting out records in 2011. (Perhaps the inimitable Wu-Tang Clan?) The fact is you can't compare the Beasties to other rappers; you can only compare Beasties records to Beasties records. That says something about their incredible evolution of sound, about their singularity and innovation, and about their non-stop devotion to the craft of pop.

So how does Hot Sauce stand up to the rest? Real darn well. It sounds both modern and ancient, a trope of theirs since Paul's Boutique. They play their own instruments. The juvenile jokes fly as fast as the '70s and NYC references. If you skipped the last few releases, this one might bring you back to that old skool rap.


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