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Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite

Get Up



Ben Harper has always been music's rootsy everyman. From quintessential stoner campfire singalongs ("Burn One Down"), to the Prince-approved funk of "Mama's Trippin," to his howling rock and roll with the Relentless Seven, the musician has proven his versatility and authenticity countless times over the last two decades. Throughout all his musical meanderings, though, the inherent blues in his voice has always been a staple.

If the blues informs Harper's voice, then it drips off Charlie Musselwhite's, through his harmonica, seeping into the albums he's recorded with artists like Tom Waits and Bonnie Raitt, and into his own discography spanning the past 40 years. Harper and Musselwhite share the limelight perfectly on this collaborative effort, which ranges from tasteful acoustic ballads like "You Found Another Lover" to the greasy thump of "Blood Side Out," where both performers go full throttle like a pair of baying hell hounds. Even the album's weaker numbers, like the plodding shuffle of the opening track, "Don't Look Twice," seem to fit nicely in the setlist, offering nice transitions into more rousing songs. Get Up! is a solid offering from two class-act musicians in a genre often overlooked and under-appreciated, but always relevant.

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