Best Actor/Actress

Jeff Medley

Hugh Jackman recently visited Missoula. This made news because Hugh Jackman is Wolverine and because he was nominated for an Oscar for playing Jean Valjean in Les Misérables. But you know what? Hugh Jackman ain’t nothin’ when you have Jeff Medley. Yep, you heard us: Jeff Medley. He recently starred as Thénardier in MCT’s version of Les Misérables and he stole the show. Stole it like Jackman stole our money with Van Helsing. Oh, but Hugh Jackman can sing, you say? Sing?! Our boy Medley can sing and dance. In the last year he starred in performances by Headwaters Dance Co. and Garden City Ballet’s The Nutcracker. Medley’s a triple threat. Maybe even a quadruple threat, if there is such a thing. He basically brought back Mr. Rogers—the Mr. Rogers—from the grave for a one-man show titled Won’t You Be My Neighbor? So, sit down Hugh Jackman, and let’s all take a moment to tip our caps to Missoula’s most deserving leading man.

Finalists, Best Actor/Actress

2. Lily Gladstone

3. Howard Kingston

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