Best Actor/Actress

Jeff Medley

Jeff Medley is a man of many faces. On the Wilma Theatre stage he’s known as Riff Raff. At Stage 112 he goes by Mr. Rogers. Perhaps you’ve even made the acquaintance of Percival Limburger, the retired horserace announcer from Boca Raton who blows into town now and then. To see him in character, you’d think the insanely talented and endlessly entertaining Medley is born extrovert. But Medley says he’s perfectly content hiding in a dark corner, reading a book. “Maybe that’s the easy part,” he jokes, “pretending to be someone else so I don’t have to be Jeff Medley.” But as much as Missoula loves Percival, Merlin and all the rest, it’s clear the community is just as fond—if not more so—of the man behind the masks.

Finalists, Best Actor/Actress

2. Reid Reimers

3. Howard Kingston

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