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Jeff Medley

During a movie shoot in Livingston last fall, director Mike Gut whispered to Jeff Medley to wrap up the scene. Sunlight was fading, and apparently Medley and childhood crush Margot Kidder had been ad-libbing a little too long. The moment is just one of a number of highlights for Medley from the past year, one in which he’s increasingly tried to climb into bigger film roles. He starred in Timber the Treasure Dog and took on the role of protagonist Lester Smalls in Mike Steinberg’s short Lester Leaps In. But don’t expect to see Medley’s presence on the local stage diminish as a result. From Rocky Horror’s Riff Raff to The Nutcracker’s Drosselmeyer, Medley still thrives on the nerve-wracking experience of performing before a live audience. “When you’re in a sea of ballerinas and you’re the one guy who’s kind of flailing around acting like a nut-job, I love that kind of thing,” he says. “If there were a stage full of people acting like crazy people ... well, I guess it’d still be fun.”

Finalists, Best Actor/Actress

2. Lily Gladstone

3. Reid Reimers

Best Actor: Jeff Medley, left, in Timber the Treasure Dog
  • Best Actor: Jeff Medley, left, in Timber the Treasure Dog
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