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Admit it: Every once in a while, you find yourself taking the Dana Gallery for granted. Your busy life sweeps you right past the Higgins Avenue storefront and you hardly even look at what masterful artwork fills the front window. For this, you should apologize, because we all understand just how lucky this art-loving town is to have a gallery as internationally acclaimed and locally tailored as the Dana. The walls are adorned with the works of established artists like Robert Moore, Zhiwei Tu, and Thomas English, as well as with pieces by up-and-coming Missoulians like Courtney Blazon and Francis Switzer. The quality of the collection is big-city high, but the gallery’s attitude is decidedly low-key. The Dana Gallery does things right, and we’re glad Indy readers acknowledge that by voting it Best Art Gallery once again. Dana Gallery: 246 N. Higgins Ave; 721-3154;

Finalists, Best Art Gallery

2. Monte Dolack 139 W. Front; 549-3248;

3. Missoula Art Museum 335 N. Pattee St; 728-0447;

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