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Monte Dolack

Monte Dolack’s colorful, nearly dreamlike natural landscapes have made him a favorite in the West. His comedic paintings of wildlife—for instance, fish lounging on couches—have induced chuckles for decades. His work appears on beer bottles and license plates. And it’s not unusual for real people to see themselves in his art. The most recent license plate from the painting “Placid Lake Sunset,” shows a woman and her dog in a canoe paddling on the peaceful waters, which a local woman recognized as being an image of herself. If there were a visual soundtrack to Missoula—a, um, “paint-track”—it might be Dolack’s landscapes. Monte Dolack, Monte Dolack Gallery: 139 W. Front St, 549-3248,

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2. Courtney Blazon:

3. Kendahl Jann Jubb:

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