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Courtney Blazon

A set of bookmarks that Courtney Blazon created for Shakespeare & Co. shows a mashup of pop culture and literary themes with odd twists. In one, a blood-smeared Patrick Bateman cheerily follows the Yellow Brick Road, chainsaw in hand. In another, Lolita and Humbert Humbert recline on a beach in Never-never Land. They showcase the kind of hallmarks that have become familiar aspects of Blazon’s work—surreal, whimsical, colorful and just a little bit (or a lot) dark in theme. It’s Blazon’s first year of claiming the Best Artist title after longtime favorite Monte Dolack closed his gallery last summer, and it’s a fitting honor since her paintings and illustrations are already ubiquitous around Missoula. Courtney Blazon:

Finalists, Best Artist

2. Monte

3. Kendahl Jan Jubb

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