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Sa Wad Dee

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Forget the cliché that claims the spice of life is cumin. Sometimes it’s tamarind—on those kind of days. It’s been known to be turmeric as well, but never before the All-Star break. Whatever character of Thai cuisine you’re craving, Sa Wad Dee will serve it up in a spicy, soupy, noodle-y coconut emulsion reminiscent of that Peace Corps stint in Chiang Mai you took back in 2003. Sa Wad Dee: 221 W. Broadway; 543-9966;


2. Mustard Seed: Southgate Mall; 542-7333;

3. TIE:
Vietnam Noodle: 2100 Stephens; 542-8299;
Hong Kong Chef: 2009 Brooks; 549-6688
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