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Grizzly Detail

Say your band returns to Missoula after a three-week tour of the Midwest, and your Econoline’s interior is so profoundly trashed and skanky that you’ve decided to just burn it down as a sacrifice to the road gods. Put down that gas can, friend, and pilot your rig to Grizzly Detail. This veteran-owned outfit is truly about the details. They offer a range of services from a quick Bob’s-your-uncle to a no-roach-left-behind, full-bore spit shine from the engine to the carpets, leaving your precious touring rig spanking clean, with absolutely no sign of the Milwaukee Creamed Corn Incident. Grizzly Detail: 1345 S 3rd St W., 728-8263,

Finalists, Best Car Detailing

2. Blue Ribbon: 1450 Cedar St., 543-4612,

3. Southside Auto: 1721 Dearborn Ave., 549-9301

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