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Scenario: You’re cruising down Higgins on your way to work when your beloved little Subaru starts acting funny. It’s a clunk, a squeak, a shimmy—something that tells you all’s not right under the hood. Summer’s coming up fast, though, and the last thing you need is a lack of wheels to get you and your raft to the Gorge. Kent Bros. has gained a serious reputation around Missoula as the place to go when your car’s keening. These guys are friendly and skilled, with a sense of humor that will calm your nerves the minute you roll up. Don’t worry. They’ll make sure you don’t miss any more days on the river than necessary. Kent Brothers Automotive: 127 S. 4th St. W., 728-1747.

Finalists, Best Auto Repair

2. Hellgate Conoco Service Center: 711 E. Broadway, 549-7504

3. TIE
V-Tech: 2420 Benton Ave., 728-4081
Unique Auto Service: 1414 Montana St., 728-3144

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