Best Auto Repair

Kent Brothers

A smile, a friendly handshake, a first-name basis. These are the things Missoula can expect when walking into Kent Brothers, fretting about a Subaru’s latest ailment. Nothing puts minds at ease faster than an auto crew who knows your car as well or better than you do. These folks can map out a vehicle’s needs months in advance. Oil change? Get it done now. Heat shield welding? Make an appointment a little ways down the road. Drivers don’t like surprises, especially when there’s a long trip coming up. And Kent Brothers gets that, which is why they do their best to make sure that when something needs fixing, you’re fully prepared. Kent Brothers Automotive: 127 S. 4th St. W, 728-1747,

Finalists, Best Auto Repair

2. Unique Auto Service: 1414 Montana St, 728-3144,

3. Hellgate Conoco: 711 E. Broadway St, 728-9966,

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