Best Bail Bondsman

Devildog Bail Bonds

You had the strongest urge to climb into the super-sized silver shoe that towers above Brooks Street’s southernmost end. Law enforcement decided that wasn’t such a great idea. Next thing you know, you’re appearing in court and a judge is setting bail. This isn’t the first time you’ve tried this stunt, so the judge sets the bail higher than you can afford. That’s where Devildog bondsman Joel McGlynn comes in. In exchange for a fee and collateral, say jewelry or a car title, he’ll promise the judge that you’ll attend your next court date, enabling you to get sprung and still make it in time for work the next day. “I just try to get things done as soon as possible,” McGlynn says. Devildog Bail Bonds: 542-8456

Finalists, Best Bail Bondsman

2. Earl Rowe: 728-0844

3. Brad Your Bondsman: 888-222-2570

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