Best Bakery

Bernice’s Bakery

Sometimes it pays to be a regular. Literally. While you could easily nom on anything in the bakery case, Bernice’s recognizes that every customer has a soft spot for something specific. That’s where the loyalty card comes in. Constantly jonesing for a toffee bar? Can’t seem to fit enough Bernice’s cupcakes into your diet? Then get your hands on one of these pink slips of paper and start racking up the punches. Make it to 12 and your 13th favorite item is free. And if you can’t narrow your loyalty choice down, Bernice’s encourages you to get more than one card and “REALLY feel the love.” Bernice’s Bakery: 190 S 3rd St W • 728-1358 •

Finalists, Best Bakery

2. Black Cat Bake Shop • 2000 W Broadway St • 542-9043 •

3. Le Petit Outre • 129 S 4th St W • 543-3311 •

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