Best Bar DJ

Kris Moon

Kris Moon is known for being technically proficient when it comes to turntables, but he’s also a master at reading the crowd. He mixes smoothly from one underground song to a familiar Top 40 tune and then back before you know what hit you. You like it, but you don’t know why. That’s the power of an intuitive DJ. Outsiders often think you can’t tell one DJ from the next, but Moon makes the work an art form. He’s not just geeking out on technology and he’s not lazily playing only what everyone’s heard before. If you ask him, he’ll never tell you what makes him a top DJ because he’s modest. But his ability to harness a room full of dancers tells you he has endless confidence. Kris Moon:

  • photo courtesy of Ryan Polei

Finalists, Best Bar DJ

2. Aaron Traylor:

3. Colin Hickey

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