Best Bar for a Stiff Pour

Al’s & Vic’s

As one Indy staffer’s father used to say, “More is more,” and the bartenders at Al’s & Vic’s seem to agree. When mixing their cocktails, they keep the bottles upturned for a little longer than others. They make whiskey-gingers that have a crisp kick instead of a sweet aftertaste, gin and tonics with an eye-opening bite and Bloody Marys in which all the garnishes don’t drown out the crisp taste of vodka. And Al’s & Vic’s, with its relaxed and authentic vibe—right next to James Bar, as it turns out—is the perfect place to indulge in a stiff drink. Al’s & Vic’s: 119 W. Alder St, 728-4804

Finalists, Best Bar for a Stiff Pour

2. Charlie B’s: 428 N. Higgins, 549-3589

3. James Bar: 127 W. Alder St, 721-8158,


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