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When we stepped into Stock's on a recent Tuesday, we managed to count 13 backward baseball caps among the crowd. That's a telltale sign of one thing, according to leading scientific minds: College dudes looking to score a random hookup. Sure enough, our suspicions were confirmed when we watched as a young woman in a denim skirt and tank top shook over to a gentleman sporting a Mohawk. A few minutes later, the same young woman was in another man's lap—a man wearing a backward baseball cap, we might add—while her friend sucked on the ear of the gentleman with the Mohawk. We'd seen enough, but the young woman wasn't quite done. On our way out, she grabbed us and, after eyeing our female friend, offered this nugget of wisdom: "Dude. She's hot. Don't screw it up." That, dear readers, is why you love to find love at Stock's. Stockman's: 125 W. Front; 549-9668


2. Bodega: 221 Ryman; 549-0435

3. Iron Horse Brew Pub: 501 N. Higgins; 728-8866;

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