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Leaning against the wall at Charlie’s, gazing past the pool table to the regulars slouching over the bar, it’s easy to feel a little warm inside, like you just put back a shot of Jameson’s. Charlie’s never changes, and that’s part of the reason certain folks keep finding their way back to the bar on the corner of space and time. Although, chances are you knew that already. In fact, everyone’s starting to find out. In its latest installment of “The Best Bars in America,” Esquire magazine (and no doubt visiting UM professor Chris Jones, who’s a writer there) wrote that Charlie’s was “the best bar in one of America’s best bar towns.” But don’t worry about the secret spreading. No matter how many interlopers flock to Charlie’s, we’re pretty certain things will always remain the same. Charlie B’s: 428 N. Higgins; 549-3589


2. James Bar: 127 W. Alder; 721-8158

3. The Rhinoceros: 158 Ryman; 721-6061

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