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Jenny Lynn Fawcett, Burns Street Bistro


The joke about Burns Street Bistro brunch is: “Put an egg on it.” As in, take any good lunch item and throw a fried egg on it, maybe add a side of candied bacon, and you’ve got brunch. You can get a burger with an egg and bacon on it, and you can also get the classic veggie browns or the rich pork chili verde (both with an egg on top). But the truth is, the popular Westside restaurant doesn’t screw around when it comes to offering delectables for the late-morning hunger pains. The cooks experiment with your taste buds in ways you never imagined, so expect unusual brunch ingredients like short ribs and duck. One time, they featured a to-die-for breakfast egg roll—sausage, egg and potato wrapped in fried wonton wrapper. But it has yet to appear again. Oh BSB, you’re always such a tease!
  • photo by Cathrine L. Walters
Besides adventurous good food, BSB has some pretty colorful, fun folks working for them. One of those lovely and badass characters is this year’s Best Barista winner, the unforgettable Jenny Lynn Fawcett. She always makes your coffee drink with a devilish grin, biting wit and a touch of sugar-sweet kindness, which is exactly how you like your coffee, right? She’s also the mastermind behind some of the wildest weekend drink specials, including the Crystal Gayle, which is a latte made with rose water.

Finalists, Best Barista

2. Lexi Klenox, Florence Coffee Company

3. Kyla Keller, The Loose Caboose


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