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Greta Garr, Top Hat

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Greta Garr grew up in the Top Hat, which her family has owned for decades. “She loves this bar,” says current Top Hat owner Nicole Garr, Greta’s sister. “She was trained to bartend by our father.” That training has taught Greta how to calmly sling beer during nights when 400-plus people fill the music venue. It’s also taught her how to wrestle with the Top Hat’s timeless “charm.” Prime example: the bar’s cash register is old as the hills, so Greta has to deal with the crowds without the luxury of one of those computerized systems found in most establishments. That’s the sort of old-fashioned wherewithal we like in our bartender.

Finalists, Best Bartender

2. Al Pils, Kettlehouse

3. Claude Alick, The Golden Rose

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