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Greta Garr, Top Hat

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At the Top Hat, college students, families, old hippies, young hipsters and everyone in between comes in droves to see live bands. Bartender Greta Garr of the Garr dynasty that has owned the Top Hat for the last 24 years, seems to treat the bar like the family castle. Nicole Garr, her older sister who came back to run it in 2009 when their father passed away, says that Greta has a divine awareness of what’s happening in the bar at all times. She’s like a bar ninja, handling the biggest jerks with a smile and firmness that comes from deep confidence. “She’s my right-hand lady,” says Nicole. “If I had to rename her, I’d like to name her Grace.” The Top Hat: 134 W. Front St., 728-9865,

Finalists, Best Bartender

2. Claude Alick The Golden Rose

3. Winter Sanor Al’s & Vic’s

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