Best Bartender

Tom Helgerson, VFW

Here’s how one patron describes Tom Helgerson’s bartending skills at the Ole Beck VFW: “He’ll be doing a crossword and watching ‘Star Trek: Deep Space 9’ and he can still serve you a good drink.” He’s the type of bartender who will talk with you about “Law & Order” for as long as you’re interested or he’ll leave you alone to chill out if you’re not the social kind of drinker. Whatever you’re up for, man. Sadly for us, Helgerson recently quit his bartending job, but Indy readers will still remember him as this year’s cream of the crop.

Finalists, Best Bartender

2. TIE:
Lyndon Matthews, Jakers Bar & Grill
Donny Morey, Flipper’s

3. Tara Kurack, Jakers Bar & Grill

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