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Three words: bulk toilet paper. Costco may hail from the land of big box corporatism, but it puts a highly marketable spin on one-stop shopping. A single trip will net customers enough shredded beef, chocolate covered raisins and boxed sets of Bogie flicks to outlast the next ice age-and anyone trying to cut the carbon emissions from those weekly jaunts to Target or K-Mart will agree that’s a huge plus. Missoula’s truly a green-savvy town when locals opt to get the next three months of meals and those back-to-school supplies locked in without putting unnecessary miles on the old pickup. Costco: 3220 N. Reserve; 721-1535;


2. Target: 2420 N. Reserve; 543-4000;

3. Best Buy: 2640 N. Reserve; 829-0409;

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