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It is never smart to spend more than $4 on something you know you’re going to lose—and lose soon. That’s why we go to Target every winter, head directly to menswear and replace the beanie we just lost. Then we remember we need dog food. And lightbulbs. And mascara. And a cheap DVD. The aisles are crowded with people like us—people finding everything they forgot they needed—but the checkout lines are mercifully short. We never leave with just the hat, but we’re always out of there before too long. And that’s really why we keep going back. Target: 2420 N. Reserve St, 543-4000,

Finalists, Best Big Box Store

2. Costco: 3220 N. Reserve, 721-1535,

3. Walmart: 3555 Mullan Rd, 829-8489; 4000 Hwy 93 S, 251-6060,

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