Best Bowling Alley

Westside Lanes

There’s something special about that stretch of floor between you and 10 shiny pins. A ball moist with sweat. Strange patchwork shoes. Greasy pizza and light, bubbly beer. The toss. A strike! The eruption of cheers from your friends. Westside Lanes is like nostalgia that hasn’t gone to dust yet. It’s where people go to hang out together—not on Twitter or Facebook but face-to-face like in a beautifully awkward John Hughes movie. Authentic bowling alleys are hard to come by these days, but we’re lucky to have one right here. Westside Lanes: 1615 Wyoming St, 721-5263,

Finalist, Best Bowling Alley

2. Five Valleys Bowl: 1515 Dearborn Ave, 549-4158

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