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Cold Smoke Scotch Ale


Kettlehouse co-owner Tim O’Leary has built something of a craft beer empire on the Cold Smoke brand. Locals may give equal consideration to Eddy Out Pale Ale or the award-winning Double Haul IPA when hitting the river, but only Kettlehouse’s dark, smoky Scotch ale has a street named after it. Cold Smoke Avenue in Bonner is O’Leary’s road to the future, leading straight up to the door of a facility that will eventually put Cold Smoke and its compatriots within reach of anyone in the state. Not a bad legacy for a single tasty brew. Cold Smoke Scotch Ale, Kettlehouse Brewing Company: 313 N 1st St; 602 Myrtle St • 728-1660 •

Finalists, Best Brew

2. Summer Honey, Big Sky Brewing Co.

3. Double Haul IPA, Kettlehouse Brewing Company

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