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Happy Days

Bob Brunner produced 37 episodes of “Happy Days,” and wrote 15 of them. Not the bulk of the series, by any means, but he is responsible for the infamous fifth season three-part opener where Fonzie goes to Hollywood and winds up jumping over a penned shark on water skis. It was such a nakedly desperate attempt at pumping life into a sagging series that the phrase “jump the shark” is used to describe the moment when anything overreaches and becomes a parody of itself. Fortunately for Happy Days Car Wash, they are still cruising along as Missoula’s favorite, with no sharks on the horizon. That deserves a big thumbs up. As Fonzie would say, “Ayyyyyy!” Happy Days: Multiple Locations, 728-5527

Finalists, Best Car Wash

2. Dazzlers: 2610 Radio Way, 728-6262

3. Splash: 2050 Cooper St, 721-3743

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