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Griz linebacker Brandon Fisher, his brother Trent, and the boys' father, Tennessee Titans head coach Jeff Fisher, vacationed off the coast of Guatemala in late May, according to Yahoo Sports. The trio spent the trip fishing for marlin, which sounds pretty posh. But it turned scary when Brandon felt a strong tug on his line, embarked on a 30-minute-plus fight with a fish and then watched as an estimated 650-pound marlin hurled itself out of the water and lunged at the boat.

"I was videotaping the whole thing," Jeff Fisher told Yahoo columnist Michael Silver, "and all of a sudden this sucker is up out of the water, tail-walking and coming right at us. It jumped and hit the side of the boat, and then it made two more jumps toward us before diving straight down. Two more feet and that thing would've jumped into the boat and killed everybody. We all looked at each other like, 'Wow, did that just happen?' "

Here's the best part—Brandon didn't give up. He fought for another 45 minutes before eventually reeling the fish into the boat. We'd like to see Griz coach Bobby Hauck work that into a halftime pep talk sometime this season. Maybe a "Win one for the grouper" speech?

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