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For the second consecutive year we left the last spot on our Best of Missoula online ballot as a virtual suggestion box, and for the second consecutive year you, dear readers, offered up a mix of helpful recommendations and colorful commentary. You probably won’t see categories like “Best Drunk” next year, although we agree with your early candidates. “Best Place to Pee in Public” and “Best Place to Pick up Swingers” offer promise, but, like fishing spots, we suspect voters will keep the best locales a secret. We appreciate some of the more politically charged suggestions—“Best Class in the Face of Stupid Criticism” (a nod to Missoula Children’s Theatre’s Sarah Palin brouhaha), “Best Pot Hole,” and “Best Waste of a Politician”—but we’ll leave those votes for a different ballot box in 2012. Among the recommendations definitely under consideration for next year will be “Best Local Album,” “Best Local Blogger,” “Best Margarita,” and, if only because everyone we know has an opinion on this last one, “Best/Dreamiest Good Food Store Employee.” And for the one person who responded, “There were already too many categories,” we hear you too. But there are a lot of Best Of’s in this town, and judging from the more than 180 new suggestions we received, we’re going to have trouble editing any out.

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