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Whether it’s the latest Tom Catmull release or a bag of Tipu’s Chai, Missoula tends to lean local when shopping. That’s probably why so many consider Rockin Rudy’s the default spot for music and gift-giving purposes. The all-local section in the CD department makes it easy to streamline your browsing and key in on the latest Missoula noise. Employees can quickly and effortlessly direct you to the most fashionable Montana-made jewelry, and if the gift of a garden is what you’re looking for, the shop has a display exclusively for all-local, all-native seeds. There’s so much more to Rockin Rudy’s, of course, but if local’s what you need, local’s what they have. Rockin Rudy’s: 237 Blaine, 542-0077,

Finalists, Best CDs & Music

2. Ear Candy: 624 S. Higgins, 542-5029,

3. Hastings: 2501 Brooks St, 542-1077,

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