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In movies like Goodfellas or shows like "The Sopranos," you drop a dime if you disclose sensitive information. It's a snitch, or a rat, as in "Hey, Jimmy, I never dropped a dime on yous." In this case, we're offering more of a suggestion—a recommendation, say—but sensitive information nonetheless. Down Higgins Avenue, near Grizzly Grocery and El Diablo, a little old-school Italian deli serves up the closest thing to a sandwich you'd see served in Tommy DeVito's kitchen or in the back room of the Bada Bing. Tagliare features authentic cold cuts and decadent subs that taste like they're from the old neighborhood in Jersey. That's because co-owner Cheryl Bregen is actually from central Jersey, and she's linked up with specialty distributors to ship in the real thing. For East Coast transplants, that means an Italian sub with a "feisty vinaigrette" and hot cappicola, that means fresh mortadella, that means whole grain deli mustard, and that means Tastykakes at the checkout counter. For Missoula natives, Tagliare means getting a chance to discover true mortadella (in short, an Italian sausage) and the joy of Tastykakes (a regional Hostess-like dessert treat) without ever hitting the Garden State Parkway. But here's the deal—Tagliare's still new enough that the lines don't stretch too long and the wait's manageable. Check it out and tell a friend, but be careful that selfish regulars may call you out for being a loose-lipped snitch.

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