Best Chef

Bob Marshall, Biga Pizza


Saying Bob Marshall loves pizza is only telling half the story. The man isn’t just a fan of fresh mozzarella and Hungarian mushroom, he’s devoted years to sharing his passion—and his skills in the kitchen—with everyone in town. He estimates Biga Pizza serves up, on average, about 200 pies a day. But given that Missoula can’t get enough of a good thing, business can get crazy sometimes. As in, 200-pizzas-in-five-hours crazy. That’s about one pie every 90 seconds. Marshall admits the gig can get exhausting. So what keeps his spirits up? “When I hear ‘Happy Birthday’ being sung at table seven, or someone takes the time to come up to me on their way out to tell me how amazing their food was, it puts all that energy back in my tank,” he says. Guess it’s the least Missoula can do for the guy who, year in and year out, puts some tasty energy in our own tanks.

Finalists, Best Chef

2. Walker Hunter & Ryan Smith, Burns St. Bistro

3. Beth Higgins, Two Sisters


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