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Anthony Lambert

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“The doctor said I need a backiotomy!” While Sir-Smoke-Alot would probably opt for an herbal remedy, Missoulians in need of some spinal readjusting continue to trust their fragile persons to the capable hands of chiropractor Anthony Lambert. His kindly receptionist tells us that in addition to being a phenomenal chiropractor, locals appreciate his winning personality and many contributions to the Missoula community, which all add up to three years running as Missoula’s favorite backiotomist. Anthony Lambert (Lambert Family Chiropractic): 1320 S. 3rd St. W; 541-9355;


2. Tie:
Corey Gray (Gray Chiropractic Offices):
3031 S. Russell; 549-4067;
Mark Wilson (W Chiropractic): 2801 Great Northern Loop; 549-9100;

3. Shane Cutting (Water’s Edge Chiropractic): 2419 Mullan Rd; 543-1955

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