Best Chiropractor

Anthony Lambert

Anthony Lambert has a quick, disarming wit, and is well known for his community involvement and undying positivity. But most importantly, the chiropractor tends to his patients—from full families to pregnant women to newborn babies—with the kind of sympathy one hopes to get from a person whose hands are cracking your neck. Lambert, who wins this category for the sixth time in a row, sometimes seems to have a third-eye power for knowing your exact level of stress and tension. Call it magic, but it’s really just a matter of a man keenly in-tune with the inner workings of the body. Anthony Lambert: 1290 S. 3rd St. W, 541-9355,

Finalists, Best Chiropractor

2. Scott Matz, Matz Family Chiropractic: 1519 S. Reserve, 552-4014,

3. Ivan Van Eerden: 225 Hickory St, 541-6400

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