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In mid-June, Butterfly Herbs owner Scott Laisy ordered 95 pounds of his choice coffee of the week. That's 95 pounds of a single flavor of coffee, folks. Laisy says the store moves close to 400 pounds of coffee a week. He's somewhat of an afficianado, selecting individual roasters for individual flavors. Not a bean in the shop is over a week old, and man have those ol' coffee grinders seen some action. None are newer than the 1940s, and Laisy contends they don't make them like they used to. Of course, Butterfly Herbs has been around the block as well. The shop opened in 1972, and, Laisy says, was the first Starbucks wholesale account in the nation. Butterfly Herbs: 232 N. Higgins; 728-8780;


2. Break Espresso: 432 N. Higgins; 728-7300

3. Starbucks: Multiple Locations; 542-5130;

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