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(Tie) - Computer Central and Computer ER

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This may come as a shock to some of you, but the secret to fixing a computer isn’t always as easy as just rebooting. Sometimes it takes serious skill. The tech-savvy experts at Computer Central and Computer ER are ready at all hours to get you back on track after any variety of major meltdowns. In fact, knowing full well that a meltdown could mean the loss of all your precious data-and maybe some incriminating photos from your younger years-perhaps it’s a good thing that we have a tie this year, giving you two options for the fastest possible recovery. Computer ER: 2100 Stephens #105; 541-2600; Computer Central: 136 E. Broadway; 542-6540;


2. Computer Guys: 1015 Mount; 2240 South Ave. W; 542-2800;

3. Geek Squad (Best Buy): 2640 N. Reserve; 829-0409;

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