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Discerning the differences in the quality of petroleum is difficult for even the most distinguished sommelier (seems like every barrel tastes the same), so it takes more than a house brew to stand out among gas stations. (Wait, we’re not talking about the gas? Oh, right, sorry.) Ole’s Country Store actually delivers on the cleanliness that most truck stops advertise, and the Russell Street location carries a surprisingly adequate selection of fancy cheeses and dessicated meats to go with that 40 oz. of King Cobra and a soft pack of Turkish Royals. Ole's: 923 N Orange St • 721-2170; 1600 S Russell St • 728-7618

Finalists, Best Convenience Store

2. Grizzly Grocery • 447 Hill St • 721-2679 •

3. Holiday Stationstore • 605 S Higgins Ave • 721-6911

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