Best Cure for the Common Cold

Spicy lemongrass tofu noodle soup

Staff Pick

When winter weather settles into Missoula, the sun disappears under a thick blanket of inversion and your body starts to get that bone-level ache while your sinuses fill with crud, you’re willing to do whatever it takes to heal. Forget the over-the-counter stuff at the drug store and head to a strip mall tucked behind Brooks Street. Vietnam Noodle (2100 Stephens Ave., Suite 103; 542-8299) serves up a spicy lemongrass tofu noodle soup that’s sure to clear you up and set you on the road to recovery. It’s not so much the dish’s heat, but the combination of spices in its rich broth that provide a soothing that NyQuil or Theraflu can’t come close to matching. As an added bonus, your secret remedy runs just $9.50 for a generous portion and, if you’re really hurting, you can order it by simply saying “Number 49, please.”

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