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Like most in his field, Ike Heaphy knows the importance of keeping his customers relaxed and calm while under the drill. In fact, Heaphy says one of his main operating rooms has a window that faces a backyard, complete with a squirrel house and a big tree. It's a scene he calls "a quaint little place," perfect for helping clients chill out while Heaphy works at keeping their mandibles free from decay. But more than his serene setting, Heaphy wins this award for his neighborly approach. "If you just be honest and friendly with people," he says, "they reciprocate, especially in Missoula." Ike Heaphy: 712 Kensington Ave; 543-8347


2. Terry Zahn: 690 SW Higgins; 728-0896

3. Susan Tiede: 1300 S. Reserve, Suite B; 541-7334

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