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Ike Heaphy

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We’re not especially proud to admit this, but up until last December it’d been nearly six years since we’d last seen a dentist. Gross, we know. But when the time came to buck up and call for a cleaning, we reached out to Ike Heaphy and his outstanding staff. There was no big lecture, no public shaming, and, remarkably, no cavities. By the end of the experience, we walked away realizing that if there were more gentle, efficient, friendly, and approachable dentists like Heaphy in the world, fewer of us would wait six years between appointments. Ike Heaphy: 712 Kensington Ave.; 543-8347

Finalists, Best Dentist

2. Jason Olsen (Olsen & Peters Family Dental) 715 W. Central Ave.; 728-2840;

3. Vincent Meng (Meng Dentistry) 2831 Fort Missoula Rd., #204; 543-5647;

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